Rhyme Week
'Nursery rhymes and jingles could have a positive effect on students’ phonemic awareness. These effects include the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds (phonemes) in spoken language and letter-sound relationships to blend sounds and decode words.' (Zuniga and Moore, 2021)

Phonics Shed is a proud sponsor of World Nursery Rhyme Week.

World Nursery Rhyme Week is the 13th to 17th November 2023.

At Phonics Shed, we are passionate about developing early literacy skills through stories and rhyme.

World Nursery Rhyme Week promotes the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood development and education.

Each year, five nursery rhymes are chosen to focus on and children are encouraged to take part in the ‘Rhyme a Day’ challenge by singing the nursery rhymes and taking part in activities.

As well as a special edition Wheels on the Bus eBook, Phonics Shed has created planning and resources for each nursery rhyme, which can be downloaded for free.


Free Resources: