Phonics Shed training packages:

Developing Phonics Practice using Phonics Shed

Full day session: £950 + VAT + travel expenses

Half day session: £550 + VAT + travel expenses

2 x Twilight sessions: £350 + VAT + travel expenses each

In this session, staff will be introduced to the Phonics Shed teaching sequence from Chapter 1 in Early Years through to Chapter 4c.

  • An introduction to the Phonics Shed teaching sequences.
    • Chapter sequence
    • Lesson sequence
  • Firm foundations
    • Chapter 1 and the 9 elements
  • Colourful characters
    • Chapters 2 and 3
    • Introducing grapheme-phoneme correspondences through the Phonics Shed characters.
    • Blending and Segmenting
    • Integrating Phase 4 (Letters and Sounds, 2007) skills across Chapters 2 and 3.
  • Transitions
    • Chapter 4a, b and c
    • Alternative graphemes and applying phonics knowledge to spelling of longer words
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New to Phonics Training Overview

3 Hour session: £550 + VAT + travel expenses

This training is ideal if your school is new to phonics or just needs a refresher. You do not need to be a Phonics Shed school for this training, as all major schemes and good practice basics will be covered.

In this training, we will explain what phonics is, take a closer look at why phonics is essential to the teaching of early reading and debunk complex phonics terminology. We will look at the skills and strategies used to teach phonics and discover why the order of sounds is so important. We will also look at how you can adapt your school's teaching to the phonics scheme you are using. There will be plenty of time to address any questions you may have about phonics.

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Ready, Set, Go!

Included with all purchases of the Phonics Shed SSP, this package consists of two hours of online training which will show schools how to implement the new scheme in their setting.

Phonics Shed trainers will demonstrate the Phonics Shed teaching sequences and introduce staff to each of the chapters and the characters within them.

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Phonics Shed Leaders Training

£150 + VAT per person

Training Dates:

  • 9:15-10:45am Wednesday 11th September 2024
  • 9:15-10:45am Wednesday 15th January 2025
  • 9:15-10:45am Wednesday 30th April 2025

Join Edshed Spelling and Phonics Trainer, Amelia Rimmer, for this online training over three dates to understand how to lead Phonics Shed effectively. You will have lots of opportunities for discussion and engagement with other leaders. You'll gain practical strategies to implement in your teaching and learn how to make a positive impact on both your pupils and your school.

  • How to use Phonics Shed to support high quality teaching and learning in your school.
  • Helping you to become a subject specialist with subject and curriculum knowledge beyond the standard training.
  • Collaboration with other Phonics Shed leaders around the country to share good practice.
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Additional training resources

Additional training resources are also included in the price of all packs and are available to download from the Phonics Shed Digital Hub. These include:

  • Comprehensive pronunciation guidance videos for all GPCs from Chapter 2 to 4b
  • Guidance on how to use our digital resources (booklet and video)
  • A one page, flow chart to help teachers decide how and when to use consolidation and intervention planning.
  • Our comprehensive guidance document (also available to purchase as a printed binder), which includes reflective practice materials about effective communication.
  • And for engaging parents and carers: a handy 4 page printable guide to the scheme and 'what we are learning this week' graphics.

Find out more about the resources we have available to download from our Phonics Shed Digital Hub.