Currently, Phonics Shed is offering three training packages detailed below.

Ready, set, go!

Included with all purchases of the Phonics Shed SSP, this package consists of two hours of online training which will show schools how to implement the new scheme in their setting.

Phonics Shed trainers will demonstrate the Phonics Shed teaching sequences and introduce staff to each of the chapters and the characters within them.

Standard Training Day to Develop phonics practice using Phonics Shed

£950 + vat

Total 4 hour session which can be taken in school or online as either:

  • 2 x 2 hour sessions
  • 4 x 1 hour sessions (online only)

In this session, staff will be introduced to the Phonics Shed teaching sequence from Chapter 1 in Early Years through to Chapter 4c.

  • An introduction to the Phonics Shed teaching sequences.
    • Chapter sequence
    • Lesson sequence
  • Firm foundations
    • Chapter 1 and the 9 elements
  • Colourful characters
    • Chapters 2 and 3
    • Introducing grapheme-phoneme correspondences through the Phonics Shed characters.
    • Blending and Segmenting
    • Integrating Phase 4 (Letters and Sounds, 2007) skills across Chapters 2 and 3.
  • Transitions
    • Chapter 4a, b and c
    • Alternative graphemes and applying phonics knowledge to spelling of longer words

This package also includes a free subscription to all online training held throughout the year.

Bespoke Training Package

£450 + vat for each additional element added to the Standard package

Includes all elements from the standard package plus a further 2 hours per session from the selection below.

Schools can choose from the following areas to develop. These can be delivered in school with up to 3 sessions per day, 2 sessions for a half day or 1 session for a twilight.

All of these sessions, with the exception of the lesson sequencing session, can be delivered in school or online.

  • Lesson sequencing - Phonics Shed trainers will teach up to 3 phonics sessions in your school which can be observed by key staff.
  • An introduction to teaching phonics - aimed at teachers and other adults who may be new to teaching phonics or need a refresher course. Core strategies which will be included amongst others are using pure sounds, segmenting and blending, and lesson structures.
  • Developing Phonics Leadership - a short course for the phonics leaders in your setting to ensure they are able to effectively develop phonics teaching in their setting.
  • Phonics in the Nursery
  • Adapting Phonics Shed for children with SEND
  • Developing phonics through KS2