Narrative driven, multi-sensory phonics

Welcome to Phonics Shed

Phonics Shed is a complete explicit and systematic phonics program that aligns with the Science of Reading. The program covers sound awareness in pre-school and leads into a core phonics curriculum that integrates into Spelling Shed’s complementary SOR spelling system.

Spelling Shed is ESSA Tier 4 Compliant

Our independent research partner, McREL International, have analyzed our product and developed a research-driven logic model and evaluation plan for our curriculum and technology.

Joe is your guide in the Phonics Shed garden and will introduce you to all of our characters. Each character you meet will teach you a new reading sound, or grapheme.

The comprehensive planning and overview documents are accompanied by physical and digital books, flashcards and all the supplementary resources needed to follow a flexible multi-sensory approach. You even get a Joe puppet to introduce to the children and to support your teaching!

Joe group Joe group Joe group Joe group



Phonemic and Phonological Awareness


Assessment tools

Digital games with progress monitoring

$29.99 / home ⋅ $69.99 / classroom

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Complete Pre-K to Grade 2 Core Curriculum

Physical resources

Decodable reading books

Digital tools and games

$62.50 / home ⋅ $140 / classroom

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How does it work?

Narrative Driven

Multi-sensory Teaching Program

Supported by Technology

Assessment & Data

Supports Diverse Learners

Why choose Phonics Shed?

  • Aligns with National and State Standards
  • An all-inclusive phonics curriculum that follows the Science of Reading with explicit and systematic instruction
  • Comprehensive yet adaptable planning and resources for daily direct teaching sessions
  • Cumulatively covers all major phoneme-grapheme correspondences in the English language
  • Planning, resources, and games for identifying, blending, segmenting, and manipulating graphemes to sound out and form words
  • Multi-sensory learning tasks
  • Full narrative book series, including songs and letter formation rhymes, and decodable readers for children to practice and apply known phoneme-grapheme correspondences and to encounter high-frequency words
  • Over 100 decodable reading books and numerous games matching children’s phonics acquisition as it progresses
  • Full teacher guidance for delivering the Phonics Shed program online, as well as interventions for catch-up and for children with additional learning needs


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