Phonics Shed Core Curriculum was designed to be a stand-alone curriculum for effective and engaging phonics instruction and practice. The Core Curriculum includes daily lesson plans, original decodable readers, and rich texts with robust vocabulary. Phonics Shed Core provides schools and districts with a choice of physical and digital materials or a digital-only option.

Phonics Shed Interventions are included in the Core Curriculum or can be purchased separately. They can be used in 1:1 or small group settings and provide targeted interventions. The interventions are intended to be used seamlessly alongside the Phonics Shed Core Curriculum, or they can also easily pair with other programs as a stand-alone intervention resource.

Phonics Shed Supplemental Program is a dual subscription to Spelling Shed and Phonics Shed (Phonics Shed Digital Bundle) which includes online games, progress monitoring, and assessments. The bundle is a valuable addition to the Intervention Program and is an effective resource for supplemental phonics and spelling practice.

Phonics Shed and the Science of Reading

Phonics Shed and Spelling Shed each have curriculum and activities that are aligned with the Science of Reading. Research has shown that phonics and spelling are deeply intertwined and are essential skills that help support reading. The National Reading Panel (NRP, 2000) found that phonics instruction (focusing on the relationship between letters and the sounds) has a positive effect on spelling achievement in the primary grades. With regard to spelling and reading, Mehta et al. (2005) found that better spellers tended to be better readers (and vice versa) (Moats, 2005). To learn more about the Science or Reading or how Spelling Shed represents the ‘Science of Spelling’, click the tabs below.

Pricing Plan Features Phonics Shed Supplemental:
Digital Bundle
Phonics Shed Intervention Phonics Shed Core Curriculum
Digital Only
Phonics Shed Core Curriculum: Full Program
Play and Assess Address the Gaps Build Foundational Skills Build Foundational Skills
Access to Phonics Shed games
Access to Phonics Shed online assessment
Access to Spelling Shed games
Digital access to all intervention lesson plans
Physical Character Flashcards for each phoneme / grapheme pair:
Two different levels to target instruction
  • Pack 1 - Beginning phonemic patterns
  • Pack 2 - Advanced phonemic patterns
One pack of your choice included, save 50% when you purchase both packs
Physical Resources (characters books, decodables, flashcards, etc.)
Digital Resources (daily lesson plans, supporting resources, digital flashcard tool, videos, e-books, etc.)
$56 / classroom One pack: $99
Both packs: $149
Home: $99 / student
School: $249 / classroom Additional physical resources available for purchase separately as needed.
Classroom bundles $1,195 / classroom
View bundles
Includes one year free digital access. Additional physical resources available for purchase separately as needed.

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