Intervention Program

The narrative-driven Phonics Shed Curriculum is aligned with the Science of Reading and the interventions in this program are a condensed version of the Core Curriculum’s lesson plans that include the associated character flashcards.

Each phoneme-grapheme correspondence is represented with a specific character and has its own targeted lesson and activity set. The intervention lessons cover vital pre-reading speaking and listening skills, phonological and phonemic awareness, and over 110 Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondences that span grades PreK-2. Each targeted lesson includes multi-sensory instruction and activities that:

    • Support the acquisition of letter-sound correspondences
    • Review previously known phoneme-grapheme correspondences
    • Connect previous learning to similar graphemes and/or phonemes
    • Provide a physical movement for students to associate with each character (phoneme-grapheme correspondence)
    • Allow practice with phonological and phonemic (Chapter 2-4) awareness; including blending, segmenting, and manipulating
    • Allow writing practice for letter formation and encoding words

Beginning Phonemic Patterns

  • Single Letter Graphemes
    • Uppercase & Lowercase
  • First Digraph
    • 'ck' as /k/
    • Double Letters (FLoSS)
  • 'qu' as /kw/

Most Common and Advanced Phonemic Patterns

  • Consonant Digraph
  • Vowel Teams
  • Trigraphs
  • More Advanced Vowel Teams

This intervention planning was created to work in conjunction with the Phonics Shed Core Curriculum, for those who require additional support. They can also be used for older students who need intense phonics interventions to catch up with their peers.

The intervention planning and supporting flashcards were also tailored to be used as standalone, supplemental phonics interventions that can be easily implemented alongside any core phonics program. The intervention planning is not intended to replace standard daily phonics planning and instruction, but is meant as a support for struggling learners, and to accompany a core phonics program.

The Intervention plans are designed to be quick and last just 10 minutes, are intended for small groups or 1:1 consolidation of learning.

The interventions require minimal resources and can be easily adapted to be covered more than once, if further consolidation is needed. Like the Phonics Shed Core Curriculum, they follow a set structure, making them easy to follow for both children and adults. Each lesson provides students the opportunity to practice blending, segmenting, encoding, and decoding, all within the 10 minute session.

If you add on the Phonics Shed Digital Bundle, you get access to our 'Play and Assess' digital component. The Digital Bundle adds vital additional support that includes online games, assessments, and progress monitoring. The games allow for additional practice with identifying phoneme-grapheme correspondences, blending and segmenting words with the target graphemes, and much more! The bundle includes full access to our Spelling Shed Curriculum and online games, which run parallel to Phonics Shed. Learn more about the bundle here.