Within Phonics Shed, the bulk of assessment is observation led; although, many of our interactive games provide data that help you to draw conclusions. These include an adaptable digital flashcard game that allows you to mark the level of understanding and a practice ‘Year 1 Phonics Screening Check Assessment’ game with real and alien words and the ability to fully personalise content.

We have provided an assessment tracking system which will make formatively assessing children’s attainment in phonics more efficient.

The Phonics Shed data system will inform your planning, enabled by the flexible nature of the Phonics Shed programme. You may find some skills are grasped quickly and do not require additional input or consolidation whereas others may need to be recapped or consolidated immediately using our whole-group consolidation planning or small-group or 1:1 intervention planning.

Although ongoing formative assessment in phonics sessions will inform most teacher judgement, we do provide two adaptable summative assessment games. We encourage teachers to dynamically assess during lessons to ensure that individual children’s needs are catered for. Our tracking system allows you to note the conclusions drawn, quickly and effectively, and our games provide performance data that help to back up those conclusions.

Each lesson plan has an assessment section to remind the adult to focus on formative assessment. Most of the time, in Chapters Two to Four, the assessment focus is the grapheme-phoneme correspondence (GPCs), but sometimes there will be an additional focus, such as understanding digraphs/trigraphs, reading CEWs or using best-fit rules. Chapter One is slightly different as the focus is building a base of skills rather than understanding GPCs. Assessment data from formative assessment can be input manually into the data reporting system. There are also printable versions of assessment schedules available.

Teacher Assessment

Our platform provides a teacher assessment tool that allows tracking of children's learning. At the relevant points in the children’s progression, teachers can use our flashcard assessment tool to screen children against the grapheme-phoneme pairs they have learned.


Data Reporting

Teachers can view a summary of attainment for children in their classes at any time. The grid shows a snapshot of competence versus individual grapheme-phoneme pairs and allows for easy identification of children needing further support as well as whole-class review lessons needed.
The tool allows teachers to have an overview of each child's assessment and attainment data, which they can add to manually if they have screening data from outside of our system.


Game Data

In addition to our screening assessment tool, our online phonics games track each child’s performance and give teachers additional information on their activity and attainment.

Games Games