The Phonics Shed SSP programme can be delivered through well established teaching methods, using the lesson plans, books and other printed materials, however in order to create the most effective phonics learning experience we could we have also backed this up with a range of technological solutions.

All of the planning, reading books, flashcards and other materials are available digitally for easy online distribution and our assessment tools and games are all accessible online for home or school use.


Digital Resources

To support our physical scheme products, we have made digital editions available. Guidance and training can be accessed through the EdShed Teacher Hub, as can electronic versions of our teaching books. Children can also access decodable reading books online. Children will also be able to answer comprehension questions about the books online and the system will not only track their answers but their progress over time.

All packs come with one year access to the Phonics Shed digital hub included, and a yearly subscription is then available. See our store for pricing, including our digital only packages.


Our programme is supported by a wide range of online games that allow practice and reinforcement of phonics learning. Once logged in, children navigate their way through the interactive Phonics Shed garden completing games as they travel from pre-reading skills sequentially through more challenging grapheme-phoneme correspondence activities.



The online flash-card screening tool makes teacher assessment quick and easy. At the relevant points in the children’s progression, teachers can use our flashcard assessment tool to screen children against the grapheme-phoneme pairs they have learned.

In addition to our screening assessment tool, our online phonics games track each child’s performance and give teachers additional information on their activity and attainment.

These elements are combined in the children’s online data dashboard, allowing teachers to see, at a glance, an overview of a group or an individual child’s attainment.