Phonics Shed Digital Bundle - Play and Assess includes digital access to Phonics Shed games, progress/data monitoring, and assessments. As an added bonus, you also get full access to Spelling Shed and its online games, progress/data monitoring, and assessments. The bundle is ideal for supplemental spelling and phonics practice, for tracking and assessing progress, and for in-person or remote learning.
While Phonics Shed focuses on phoneme-grapheme pairs in isolation, Spelling Shed builds upon the phonics progression, and its word lists gradually begin to include words similar graphemes and/or phonemes, to help with comparison, review, and retention. Phonics Shed delivers targeted practice and Spelling Shed allows for the application of that practice. The marriage of Phonics Shed and Spelling Shed Digital has created a powerful tool for practicing the essential building blocks of reading, which rely on the integration of phonics and spelling. This powerful tool is also crucial in the ability to collect and use insightful data to recognize patterns and address deficits by providing personalized, targeted practice.
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Phonics Shed Digital Access

Phonics Shed Digital provides supplemental practice, insightful supportive data, and essential assessment tools for the Phonics Shed Core Curriculum. The curriculum includes 110 phoneme-grapheme correspondences that are placed in a systematic progression. The curriculum was designed so that phoneme/grapheme pairs could be practiced in isolation. Phonics Shed Digital practice and assessments can easily integrate with other phonics programs and progressions as a supplemental resource to help fill gaps as needed, and provide constructive insights through intelligent data collection. To learn more about Phonics Shed Core Curriculum, including multi-sensory learning, daily lesson plans, original stories, decodables, and more, click below.

Spelling Shed Digital Access

Spelling Shed has a progression of word lists for K-5 that are built on a foundation of phonics patterns and follow a similar sequence as Phonics Shed. The word lists cover a range of phonics skills, high-frequency words, and morphological awareness, typically addressed in each grade level. At the beginning of each grade level, there is an intentional spiral review of previously taught skills, but they also include words of increasing difficulty. Throughout the progression, new and more advanced concepts/skills are delicately intertwined within the review. This aids in linking past learning to the new concept/skill and to reinforce and solidify learning. To learn more about Spelling Shed, click below.

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Both Phonics Shed and Spelling Shed have curriculum and practice games that are aligned with the Science of Reading. Research has shown that phonics and spelling are deeply intertwined and are essential skills that help support reading. Learning to read relies on much of the same underlying knowledge—such as the relationships between letters and sounds—and, not surprisingly, that spelling instruction can be designed to help children better understand that key knowledge, resulting in better reading (Moats, 2005; Ehri, 2000). Because of the important connection between phonics and spelling, we have included Spelling Shed together with Phonics Shed to help students gain a solid foundation in the process of becoming better readers. To learn more about the Science or Reading or how Spelling Shed represents the 'Science of Spelling', visit our learn more pages.


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